Saturday, 4 June 2011

what to do next

Ok Redundandcy any age  - especially mine.

So what do I do now ? I do have a sort of plan of action.

1. Find a job - this easier said than done I guess I am applying a scattergun approach. I feel the more jobs I apply for , the more chance I will find something.  I really enjoyed my last job and I am really missing it and missing the people as well. I worked in an open creative office. We produced craft catalogues selling Rug making kits, cross stitch, papercraft items and some household stuff in our sales.As well as being a stock controller within Purchasing I made most of the sample cards we used to demonstate product and thoughly enjoyed it.

2. Try to use my crafty side to make some money and let people in the craft business know I am there and what I can do.

This Blog is hopefully the start of it and I will be discovered..................who knows...........

lots of love

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