Tuesday, 21 February 2012

WOYWW - 22/2/12

Hello everybody peeps - I am up and in my craft room and its 12.30 in the morning. I have eaten too many pancakes and am feeling a bit "iffy" so thought I would pass time doing my workdesk for all the WOYWW peeps to snoop at see what i have been up to this week. No cards made but I have been working on my "heritage" scrapbook. I got some black and white photos from my mums clutchs last week and have been merrily scrapping them.  I also got some Colour and Cut stack Lili of the Valley ready stamped designs to colour in ( free gift from a magazine) I was so excited to hear the Lili of the Valley are opening a shop but then dissapointed to hear it will only be open 10 to 2 on weekdays(opens 3rd March I think). Unless I am on holiday i won't be able to go. Hey ho I will have to fight with the hoards at GNPE in Harrogate in March or order online but i must admit I feel slightly cheated. When did I become used to be able to shop anytime of the day, any day of the week. In the back of my mind I remember when shops were not open on a Sunday and closed at 5pm during the week and no internet - how did we manage. The layout is of my Mum and Dad, me and my Brother and our dog KIM I think at Chester Zoo on a day out. Mum used to make all of my clothes and I can remember this dress it was blue and green with a white background.
I got around about 50 of last weeks Stamping Ground WOYWW deskers and then sadly I gave up.  Thankfully some people also got to my post and thanks for all the lovely comment about my car with the Daisies on - I feel quite pleased that so many seem to like it.  Happy crafting XXX Sharne

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

WOYWW 15/2/12

Good morning fellow WOYWW - I am up a bit earlier to day to take my desk photos early and try to get my post done before work.   Desk is a mess as I am trying to do some LO's from my mums photo stash and fitting it in when i can so the desk never gets sorted out inbetween crafting. I do love a messy desk tho. When i am clearing up i reminise what i used the scraps for .......sad i know.  Photos on the layouts are me and my brother and the 3 single ones are of my mum.  Took a quick photo of the daisies on my car as well as i got  a few comments last week so thought i had better share.......Happy Crafting X Sharne

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

WOYWWW 08/02/12

Good morning everyone - i missed last weeks snoop around everyones desk  - shame on me. Check out Julia's Stamping Ground to see what I am talking about.............. I have been beavering making cards for my Mums birthday on Friday shes only 79. She did used to make her own cards but has "got fed up" with making them and has said that the Xmas cards she made this year will be her last handmades. To be honest she has always lacked a spark and I think she just made them to make me happy and I usually had to instigate and create for her so if she is happy then i am as well.  I have made her 24 various cards and packed them into a box so that she has 24 to use anytime she wants to - hope she likes them.

I really must get the lighting sorted out if i want to take good photos in my craft room. My mums birthday card - bright and breezy to shake off the winter blues.

and finally I have stuck 26 daisies on my car - not quite as ornate as the following stamp but I love them - the only thing is that everyone will know its me.........Hoping to get around a few blogs but it is difficult as there are so many these days.  Happy Crafting XXX Sharne

Sunday, 5 February 2012

snow -- yeh and i dont have to go out.......

We have got snow here in Leeds and my intrepid husband has gone out in search of the Sunday papers ..... will he return unharmed?

Good news my husband has returned and has newspapers in hand and a scrummy loaf of bread for toast................. its the small things in life isnt it ........
After a roast honey gammon lunch i am contemplating a crafty afternoon in my craft room. Got my subscription magazine yesterday and free stamps and papers. Cant wait to get started on them.

Happy Snowy Crafting  XX Sharne