Saturday, 18 June 2011

new things

i have ordered a new spacer mat for my Wizard. Thank you all that suggested this very simple remedy to my frustration.  I have also purchases a new sewing machine.........This was born out of the sad demise of my faithful old machine ( purchased in Cyprus in 1979 ) which finally went to the sewing machine heaven a couple of months ago. I have recently used my Mums old Singer machine but it only did ordinary stitching and I wanted my fancy stitches back. I had not done much machine sewing of late but now I have time on my hands I have been feeling the urge.  I have been down to The Skopos shop in Red Brick Mills ( about 5 minutes drive from my house) and bought some off cuts to get me started. So far I have made 8 cushion covers. The sizes are a bit iffy but I am loving them. If I can get a new battery for my camera tomorrow from Leeds I will take soem photos and show them off. I am also going into Leeds looking for some tunic patterns so that I can make some tunics/Kaftans for myself in funky fabrics. I love the ones I have but am looking forward to trying to make some for myself.
My Thumb is coming along nicely but I will be glad when the stitches are taken out and I can get back to using it properly as it becoming a bit of a nusiance now.

See you all soon.

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