Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Busy Days

Hello - had a busy day yesterday and another one today.

Had to go over to Sheffield yesterday for a MRSA swab ready for my op on Friday. Its is a 45min drive there and 45 min back - was only actually in the building for 10mins and 5 of them I was waiting ( in a very nice room)!!! Its only a day surgery op on my thumb - nothing serious just better done than left and I thought it was a good time to do it. I did try to pop into the Craftbox at Elsecar on my way home from Sheffield but it was shut on a Monday......just my luck as it is always a nice shop to mooch in and I always come out with something.

Today I need to make a Baby boy birth card for my mums next door neighbour. The new arrival is 2 weeks early so caught my mum out and I had the "emergency make a card quick" phonecall last night.

I also need to go shopping for an interview outfit as I have a "date" with my 1st agency tomorrow. I thought Marks and Spencer may hit the right note so Owlcoat centre in Pudsey is my destination of choice.Its much larger than the White Rose centre and also has good free parking.I hate driving around for ages and then paying a fortune to park, it can spoil my whole day.

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