Sunday, 22 April 2012

More scrapbooking

I have been doing some LO's of my wedding back in 2005 and I quite like these latest versions so i thought I would share.

Ken and Sharne

Happy guests ?

Nephew Geoffrey,Chief Bridesmaid Ailsa, grand niece Abigail and Ken

Dad, Ken and best man Geoff

Saturday, 21 April 2012

scrapbooking - I love it.

My dad on honeymoon in Blackpool 1955
My dad again in uniform

Just a couple of pages of my dad - He goes in for an operation on Tuesday. He has Prostate cancer but apparently it wont kill him........ He's 81 now so i gues something else will get him before the cancer does as its slow growing. Hopefully the operation will help him with other aspects of having an enlarged prostate.  I loved doing these pages - my dad is so handsome.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Mothers Day card

This is the card I made for Mothers Day - Rotten photo but I liked the card when I made it. I have been using up some bits and bobs to make this card that have been sat in my stash for years ( except for the papers ) My Mum loved the charms hanging off a safety pin.  XX Sharne

Saturday, 24 March 2012

new sofas delivered

whoooo ooooooo  My 2 new Sofas were delivered this morning - granted they were here at 7AM ( on a Saturday....) but they were polite, clean and quick.  Have spent the morning looking at these 2 sad am I.

didnt dress these well did i before i took the photo. tag is showing and the small white circle is on the camera not the setee.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

WOYWW 210312

Hi Everyone.  WOYWW is Julias creation from The Stamping Ground. It is a great way to snoop around everyones creative desks. I missed a week last week as we were on holiday in the middle of a forest - no broadband, no phone reception and only 5 channels on the TV.  We did however have a hot tub -  we really enjoyed it. I did take a bit of craft with me and crafted on 2 afternoons/evenings so all in all a really good week.
Hope to get around to snooping later today after work. See u later  XX Sharne






Wednesday, 7 March 2012

woyww evening 07 03 2012

Ok I was missing in action last week - I had to rush to meet my DAD in A & E - long story cut short he is 80 and has a prostate problem. Was left in A& E from 2pm to midnight......then transferred to a ward..... who decided that was a good idea. Finally got him out on the Friday but with a catheter fitted. My Dad has never been in a hospital and did not even own a pair of PJ's so it was a mad panic trying to kit him out and worrying about wether he understood everything, and wether he had the social skills to cope in a ward full of strangers.... He managed brilliantly - now we going thru the tests period.  Bone scan yesterday.... we are waiting for the results now.    Anyhow I have been a bit busy running around doing nothing really - bit of shopping picking up stuff for my mum and dad but i did manage to get to a scrapaholix class down in Leicester on Saturday with my neice. Here are my results which I am quite pleased with. The young man is my Dad as a young boy and the other one is of my Mums mum and Dad ( my grandparents) with my auntie. My mum is one of the naughty gorls peeping thru the window.  The double page spread is of my mum and Dad , me and my brother and our dog KIM. Its not finished yet but i couldnt resist showing you. I discovered glasine paper and love it - the one we used was a Tim Holtz creation and it scrumples lovely leaving a great distressed look with not much effort.

Happy Crafting  XX Sharne

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

WOYWW - 22/2/12

Hello everybody peeps - I am up and in my craft room and its 12.30 in the morning. I have eaten too many pancakes and am feeling a bit "iffy" so thought I would pass time doing my workdesk for all the WOYWW peeps to snoop at see what i have been up to this week. No cards made but I have been working on my "heritage" scrapbook. I got some black and white photos from my mums clutchs last week and have been merrily scrapping them.  I also got some Colour and Cut stack Lili of the Valley ready stamped designs to colour in ( free gift from a magazine) I was so excited to hear the Lili of the Valley are opening a shop but then dissapointed to hear it will only be open 10 to 2 on weekdays(opens 3rd March I think). Unless I am on holiday i won't be able to go. Hey ho I will have to fight with the hoards at GNPE in Harrogate in March or order online but i must admit I feel slightly cheated. When did I become used to be able to shop anytime of the day, any day of the week. In the back of my mind I remember when shops were not open on a Sunday and closed at 5pm during the week and no internet - how did we manage. The layout is of my Mum and Dad, me and my Brother and our dog KIM I think at Chester Zoo on a day out. Mum used to make all of my clothes and I can remember this dress it was blue and green with a white background.
I got around about 50 of last weeks Stamping Ground WOYWW deskers and then sadly I gave up.  Thankfully some people also got to my post and thanks for all the lovely comment about my car with the Daisies on - I feel quite pleased that so many seem to like it.  Happy crafting XXX Sharne

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

WOYWW 15/2/12

Good morning fellow WOYWW - I am up a bit earlier to day to take my desk photos early and try to get my post done before work.   Desk is a mess as I am trying to do some LO's from my mums photo stash and fitting it in when i can so the desk never gets sorted out inbetween crafting. I do love a messy desk tho. When i am clearing up i reminise what i used the scraps for .......sad i know.  Photos on the layouts are me and my brother and the 3 single ones are of my mum.  Took a quick photo of the daisies on my car as well as i got  a few comments last week so thought i had better share.......Happy Crafting X Sharne

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

WOYWWW 08/02/12

Good morning everyone - i missed last weeks snoop around everyones desk  - shame on me. Check out Julia's Stamping Ground to see what I am talking about.............. I have been beavering making cards for my Mums birthday on Friday shes only 79. She did used to make her own cards but has "got fed up" with making them and has said that the Xmas cards she made this year will be her last handmades. To be honest she has always lacked a spark and I think she just made them to make me happy and I usually had to instigate and create for her so if she is happy then i am as well.  I have made her 24 various cards and packed them into a box so that she has 24 to use anytime she wants to - hope she likes them.

I really must get the lighting sorted out if i want to take good photos in my craft room. My mums birthday card - bright and breezy to shake off the winter blues.

and finally I have stuck 26 daisies on my car - not quite as ornate as the following stamp but I love them - the only thing is that everyone will know its me.........Hoping to get around a few blogs but it is difficult as there are so many these days.  Happy Crafting XXX Sharne

Sunday, 5 February 2012

snow -- yeh and i dont have to go out.......

We have got snow here in Leeds and my intrepid husband has gone out in search of the Sunday papers ..... will he return unharmed?

Good news my husband has returned and has newspapers in hand and a scrummy loaf of bread for toast................. its the small things in life isnt it ........
After a roast honey gammon lunch i am contemplating a crafty afternoon in my craft room. Got my subscription magazine yesterday and free stamps and papers. Cant wait to get started on them.

Happy Snowy Crafting  XX Sharne

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Getting Messy.

Good morning all WOYWW - Check out Julias Stamping Ground if you have no idea what I am talking about. Looking forward to getting nosey and look at lots of messy Desks later on.  My desk just has some messy splats on a piece of cream card - messy is good. I am working on a LO of a couple of photos of me in CYPRUS a couple of rare ones of me in uniform - packing a box............ Happy Crafting

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Some more creations....

here are a couple of cards made in my craftroom this weekend. I was up at 2am this morning as i could not sleep for some reason and i finished them off.  2 are for birthdays at work. I work for a large card company so handmade cards are just not a novelty........we are surrounded by thousands of cards everyday so we will see how they go down as its the 1st birthdays since i started there in September. I did do Xmas cards but there were so many of them in the office I dont think mine made any impact.
We went to the cinema yesterday afternoon to see War Horse. It was OK but dont go and see it if you love horses as there are some upsetting bits during the WW1 scenes. There was 1 bit where i just could not watch and I am not particularly an animal lover - All in all a good Xmas day/Sunday afternoon film but in my opinion not the best I have ever seen - 6 out of 10 is my score.
Happy Crafting XX Sharne

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

WOYWW 18 Jan 2012

Hi everyone  - I have got a new workspace...... Ikea blocks are wonderful and i am trying for black and white theme but of course i can't throw anything away so there is the occasional wicker item. This is for Whats on your workdesk Wednesday if you are wondering - check out Julias Stamping Ground if you want to join in being nosy.  A couple of LO's of Hong Kong (I lived there for a couple of years) and Dorset our little hideaway for holidays that we borrow from my sister in law every few months.

these are some of the cards i made at the weekend on my "scrapbooking" class where i freestyled ......... see you later - booo after work. Happy Crafting.......................

Sunday, 15 January 2012

some cards...

Here are the cards I have made over the weekend. No a great amount of them but I think 6 is good for an days work.  I am loving the teal colour at the moment and it seems to match most colours ( brown, pink, green) I am also trying to be spring like in my colours so hopefully I have suceeded.  The trees and birds are covered in glossy accents so they stand out from the paper and are shiney. The other three are stamps from Lily of the Valley and coloured with promarkers. Very satisfying.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

WOYWW 11th JAn 2012

Hi everyone - Its Wednesday and time to snoop around other peoples workdesks. Check it out over at Julias Stamping Ground...

 no picture of my desk - sorry it is under contruction - been to IKEA........more to be revealed next week. Instead you have got a picture of my Mums cat - Fluffy. my sisters 40th birthday  and and my nephews birthday card ( not the actual one as I posted it before photgraphing it - schoolgirl error..........)  Looking forward to snooping when i get home from work a bit later on. This working for a living lark is serverly curtailing my crafting latey Got a scrapaholix crop in Broughton Astley ( Leicester) this weekend so really looking forward to that .Happy crafting everyone XX Sharne

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Passing of a Friend

I haven't blogged about this before as i think i did not believe it had happened but it has and I feel the need to tell you about it.  My husbands best friend had always been single and seemed happy enough. He had , had a couple of girl friends but not much came of them and they were over with not much of a fuss. He did however have a good  lady friend, nothing more, he worked with many years ago whom he talked of a few times. She went off and got married to someone else and through updates we knew that she had two children and lived abroad and Kens friend ( Jo) had vague letters from her over the years. It turned out that she had an unhappy marriage and eventually when the 2 sons were older she left her husband and moved back to York area where Jo and her (Rachel) picked up their friendship and took it a few steps further - a blossoming romance followed and Rachel moved in with Jo. We have never seen Jo happier and they seemed to be soul mates, totally besotted by each other. Rachel totally transformed Jo from a single middle aged man into an outgoing trainee family man. They bought a house together, Rachel resumed he job at the same place Jo worked, went on city breaks and had Rachel 2 sons to stay with them whenever they could ( they were at boarding schools and the Father still lived abroad). As I said we have never seen Jo so happy with his lot in life.  There were always suspicions from Ken and I that they  both drank too much but being occasional drinkers we thought nothing of it.  It was obviously more of a problem than we thought because in November Rachel was rushed into hospital and within 1 week was dead of Liver failure........................................................... I still cannot believe that this has happened and I cannot tell you how upset I am that her life was so out of control that she could not give up alcohol for the man she loved or for the 2 sons or even for herself.  Jo did not talk about this "problem" in their lives but it was obvious (now) that she had been drinking heavily for years - possibly the break up of her 1st marriage was because of this. The last time we saw Rachel was in Leeds in early November and it was not a good last meeting. She was dishevelled, had a swollen stomach ( she was a slim woman normally) Her face was very thread veined and her general appearance was not good. They had stopped off at Wetherspoons pub before meeting us at a restaurant and she drank a good bottle of wine over the meal.  Ken and I did comment between ourselves and we discussed whether I should have a private word with her but decided that nothing I could say would make any difference. In reality maybe I should have said something but I did not and now she is not with us anymore.  Jo rang us 5 days after our meal and said that Rachel had been rushed into hospital with Liver failure and was critical. We went over to York thinking we would visit Rachel but were steered clear by Jo who obviously did not want us to go to see her.  She passed away 2 days later - I am guessing if Jo could not make her stop drinking nothing I could say would have made any difference only caused her embarrassment and she was so far gone that she was already beyond any medical help.  Jo has since told us that she was secret drinking - she had stopped working 2 years ago under suspicious circumstances - we suspect drink was also involved here as well. She kept falling asleep at in-opportune moments - Once in the middle of an opera we were at with her anf Jo.............................
Addiction is a cruel disease and it is so sad that Rachel could not get on top of it - what a terrible terrible waste..................... I am so sad for Jo who is back to being a single man. However the few years they had together was great and Jo will never been the same man he was having had Rachel in his life. Nor will we.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Hello 2012 - WOYWW

Hello everyone.  My new years resolution is to post every week.......I am desperatley doing this post for WOYWW over at the Stamping ground. Of course I am not organised a new years resolution dosn't do that does it........ Here are a couple of really bad photos taken this morning of scrapbook pages I did at a scrapaholix crop down in Leicester.  I hope to get around some desks later on today and will leave messages if I can but I also have a Tomb Raider game on my PC to play with.  OK you are all more important than Lara Croft maybe if she was called Lara CRAFT i would fell happier being distracted from my card making......Lots of love  Sharne