Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Hello - well i am still not working but by choice this time. I have been offered 2 jobs but have declined both of them......mad you may say but the timing is not great and I do not want to be in the same position I was in with the last job I took.  Its not morally fair to take a job ( possibly from someone else) and then not be content with it and move on within a week or so. Also my nerves cant take it and i am not sneaky enough to use people - I know it goes on and I will get screwed as well but i dont want to be the screwer - it must be my age I guess. I would not like it done to me so no wages but I do have my morals intact.  I am waiting for a 2nd interview for a job I really really want so please keep your fingers crossed. Its not in the craft world but it is in an area of interest for me - Aeroplanes...........( I did 12 years in the RAF) I will have to complete an online maths test this week so hopefully my studying will have prepared me a little bit. Maths was never a stong point of mine and thinking about stuff does take a little longer these days but hopefully I will be OK.

While I have been off I have taken advantage of IKEA which is not far from me ( Leeds) and I have purchased some great little storage jars and boxes for my buttons and flowers. The boxes are split into 3's so I can have 3 similar shades in one box - I am loving them and it has freed up some space as well. Its so easy to find things in the right shade now.  Lots of love to all the WOYWWW sneaky peakers and I am looking forward to seeing whats on your work desks. Check out stamping grounds blog to find out what the heck i am on about.  Happy crafting X Sharne

Thursday, 11 August 2011

job interview

I had an interview today and completley fluffed my excel test.....what a dummy. You only have to tell me i am on a timed test and my brain goes to mush. What is simple if i am sat at my normal desk becomes a death walk along a spider infested path with bats attacking and clowns laughing at my feeble attempts to clear my brain............what a dummy dummy dummy. I won't be holding my breath on this one............

Tuesday, 9 August 2011


 Hello everyone again . I cant believe its wednesday again ( or even tuesday evening) WOYWW is keeping me grounded an blogging at the moment as crafting time is scarce. Football season has started and hubby is away at a match so hey crafty time. I like it when the season starts as i at least get a Saturday to craft craft craft.......One bit of good news is i have applied for a fabulous job ( not crafty unforunatley) but fairly close and i think it would suit me well, just need to convince them now.  I will keep you up to date on that one. Also I am finishing at the rubbish job very soon......I am helping them out until my replacement works her notice. At least I know there is no way I can get comfortable and stay put -I have to move which is good.... Back to craftyness I have been doing some brushing of inks onto silk paper but not got it quite right yet so still practising perhaps I will reveal a little later. Also my 1st 2 christmas cards have been produced. Looking forward to seeing lots of desks this week.  hugs and stuff and thank you for all the lovely comments last week.......


Tuesday, 2 August 2011

An early WOYWW

This is technically a Tuesday but as I am working on a Wednesday now I have to pre-photo my workdesk so Tuesday evening it is.  What am I talking about check out Stamping Grounds blog, its a fab chance to nosy around everyones workdesk. 
I have been obsessed with my lovely Lili of the Valley stamps I purchased at the Doncaster racecourse the other weekend. They are fab-u-lous and i cant stop stamping them and using my promarkers to colour them in. I do wish i could coulour in as well as Nicky from Polka Doodles - she seems to do it easily and carefree with great results. I tried to watch her demo at DOncaster but it was sooooooo  busy I kept getting nudged aside so gave up in the end.

Here a few of my efforts. For sale soon at the Art Shop in wellgate centre, Ossett

Please leave comments if you feel the urge - all contructive critism is inwardly digested and filed away............Happy Crafting.