Thursday, 10 November 2011

Its my Birthday

Its my Birthday today and I have had a good day even though I have been at work. Got some good plans for the weekend though. Doing a Scrapaholix
day down in Leicester on Saturday with my Neice who is also a scrapbooker. Also got a couple of nights in a hotel with my fabulous husband and a meal out with the Leicester contingent our family.  Bring on the weekend.......

                              Neice Hannah, Kens sister Ailsa, Nephew Geoffrey,Brotherinlaw Geoff

                My Dad and my husband Ken..................................

Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Hello everyone .  Welcome to fellow bloggers being nosey on Stamping Grounds WOYWW.  Christmas is hitting my desk this week.  The full Xmas box has come down from the loft and the production line is on alert. I feel really late with these as at work they are already onto Mothers day - done the year flys.


oh a nasty stained cup - need to give that a good clean i think.....................

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

nothing going on here.......

Not much going on on my desk thia week....................we had a viewing on our house on Sunday and the workdesk got tidyied up.  I have been full of cold and think my mojo is seeping out of my nose.......
 so i have taken some bad photos of some old scrapbook pages from my travel album so there is something to look at.   Kyrenia in Northern Cyprus, Hong Kong and a very orange one of my 1st bedspace in the RAF at Brize Norton,,,,,   A strange mixture but thats how my brain is this week.    Happy Crafting  XX Sharne

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

woyww 12/10/11

Hello - whats WOYWW I hear you ask , hop on over to Julia's "Stamping Ground" blog to join in the nosey parker antics. It fun and you get to be really nosey on other peoples crafty desks.
I have been doing some craft but it was curtailed a little bit as I loaned my mum my promarker pens and i had to prise them off her 2 weeks later.............i really must get her some of her own as i felt sooooooo guilty wanting my own pens back.  I have also been buying - would you credit it a Sissix Big shot fell  into my car boot when i went up to Samuel Taylors in Leeds last weekend............Oh well I have got a good job again and I still have some money left from my redundancy - and if you cant treat yourself once in a while........OK I am selfish and just had to have one..................

     oh la la my new toy.............. think i will call her LOLA

 a messy desk with the reclaimed promarkers. a die cut letterbox ( mental note get some red and black card) and a few Christmasy things I am working on.

   using up some scaps of paper - owwhh sparkly - yummy

   I used my new dies to make the flower on this card

This little lady is so cute - i bought the stamp from Samuel Taylors, in the sale bin for £2.50 - bargain
 Hopefully I can get around a few desks and leave some messages

Happy Crafting XXX  Sharne

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

WOYWW - 28/9/2011

Hi everyone - Just a quick post for WOYWW - check out Stamping Grounds blog to see what i am talking about. A chance to snoop on everyones workdesks. Its amazing how quickly Wednesdays come around and you realise what you havent done that week...................
I am back of my holidays a into my 2nd week at work. I am thouroughky enjoying it. I actually got to go into the studio where all of the designs for cards for The Card Factory get designed. I was like a pig in clover. There are some seriously talented card designers in there.... and they get paid for it as well. All too soon i had to go back to the purchasing office but one excellent part of my job is to despatch samples to various places so i get to snoop at some the new designs occasionally......again pig in clover.....grunt grunt  grunt.
Here are a few cards i have been making myself to my own style. Hope u like. now its to snooping......happy crafting xxx

Monday, 19 September 2011

First day - new job

I have had a lovely first day in my new job and i am hopeful that i chose the right job. i am at least going back tomorrow for a 2nd go at it. Less hours than i was on and same money ( just less holidays but i can cope with that) so its all good.  Going to look for a new car ( dont say it too loud in car my X reg Ford Fiesta hears me)  My faithful friend is showing signs of rust and is coming up to MOT time so really needs to be put out to grass. Its such a shame really as she only had 68,000 on the clock and gets thru MOTs usually with no problems ....except last year she needed some welding. I think now is a good time to shhhhhhh replace the old girl......while i still have some redundancy money left over and it gets frittered away on holidays. New Job - New Car....... owhhhh what next.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

On Holiday

Not really a workdesk for workdesk wednesday but its as close as crafting gets this week. Having a weeks break this week down at my sister-in-laws cottage in Dorset. We try to get here a couple of times a year if we can and we are allowed. The scenery is fantastic and we have just purchased a new camera so are having a field day with it.  I did pack some crafty items to do while i was away but they are not that great looking as yet as i did not bring a full array of making stuff. I work very "organically" and very rarely plan a card so I really need everything around me while i am creating.

There is also good news on the work front that i would like to share with anyone who is interested.  Yehhhh i start my new job on Monday 19th with Card Factory at there head office in Wakefield. I cannot wait . I actually was offered 2 jobs and I wanted both of them so had to choose. It was really difficult and i never thought i would ever be in that sort of a position.  I choose Card Factory because of the "card" connection and the crafty connection. I obviously will not be designing cards or even making them but i will be in Purchasing and will get to see how such a card company works. They do all there own designs in house and you never know...........
looking forward to seing everyones workdesks and hope they are busier than mine. Check out Stamping Grounds blog to find out what i am talking about.  HAPPY CRAFTING. Sharne XXX

Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Hello - well i am still not working but by choice this time. I have been offered 2 jobs but have declined both of them......mad you may say but the timing is not great and I do not want to be in the same position I was in with the last job I took.  Its not morally fair to take a job ( possibly from someone else) and then not be content with it and move on within a week or so. Also my nerves cant take it and i am not sneaky enough to use people - I know it goes on and I will get screwed as well but i dont want to be the screwer - it must be my age I guess. I would not like it done to me so no wages but I do have my morals intact.  I am waiting for a 2nd interview for a job I really really want so please keep your fingers crossed. Its not in the craft world but it is in an area of interest for me - Aeroplanes...........( I did 12 years in the RAF) I will have to complete an online maths test this week so hopefully my studying will have prepared me a little bit. Maths was never a stong point of mine and thinking about stuff does take a little longer these days but hopefully I will be OK.

While I have been off I have taken advantage of IKEA which is not far from me ( Leeds) and I have purchased some great little storage jars and boxes for my buttons and flowers. The boxes are split into 3's so I can have 3 similar shades in one box - I am loving them and it has freed up some space as well. Its so easy to find things in the right shade now.  Lots of love to all the WOYWWW sneaky peakers and I am looking forward to seeing whats on your work desks. Check out stamping grounds blog to find out what the heck i am on about.  Happy crafting X Sharne

Thursday, 11 August 2011

job interview

I had an interview today and completley fluffed my excel test.....what a dummy. You only have to tell me i am on a timed test and my brain goes to mush. What is simple if i am sat at my normal desk becomes a death walk along a spider infested path with bats attacking and clowns laughing at my feeble attempts to clear my brain............what a dummy dummy dummy. I won't be holding my breath on this one............

Tuesday, 9 August 2011


 Hello everyone again . I cant believe its wednesday again ( or even tuesday evening) WOYWW is keeping me grounded an blogging at the moment as crafting time is scarce. Football season has started and hubby is away at a match so hey crafty time. I like it when the season starts as i at least get a Saturday to craft craft craft.......One bit of good news is i have applied for a fabulous job ( not crafty unforunatley) but fairly close and i think it would suit me well, just need to convince them now.  I will keep you up to date on that one. Also I am finishing at the rubbish job very soon......I am helping them out until my replacement works her notice. At least I know there is no way I can get comfortable and stay put -I have to move which is good.... Back to craftyness I have been doing some brushing of inks onto silk paper but not got it quite right yet so still practising perhaps I will reveal a little later. Also my 1st 2 christmas cards have been produced. Looking forward to seeing lots of desks this week.  hugs and stuff and thank you for all the lovely comments last week.......


Tuesday, 2 August 2011

An early WOYWW

This is technically a Tuesday but as I am working on a Wednesday now I have to pre-photo my workdesk so Tuesday evening it is.  What am I talking about check out Stamping Grounds blog, its a fab chance to nosy around everyones workdesk. 
I have been obsessed with my lovely Lili of the Valley stamps I purchased at the Doncaster racecourse the other weekend. They are fab-u-lous and i cant stop stamping them and using my promarkers to colour them in. I do wish i could coulour in as well as Nicky from Polka Doodles - she seems to do it easily and carefree with great results. I tried to watch her demo at DOncaster but it was sooooooo  busy I kept getting nudged aside so gave up in the end.

Here a few of my efforts. For sale soon at the Art Shop in wellgate centre, Ossett

Please leave comments if you feel the urge - all contructive critism is inwardly digested and filed away............Happy Crafting.

Saturday, 30 July 2011

I have been missing in action.................

I have been missing in action....... I kept going to the horrible job and have been there a month now but i leave next Friday so its all go now to get another job asap.  The job was just not for me but it must be in my personality make up that i can't be beaten so i kept going. I did however tell them that i was looking for another job as i needed time off for interviews. i thought it was a fair thing to do so that they did not rely on me being there forever.  They had a few problems with staff (1 left and one passed away suddenly) and needed bums on seats to complete the work ( tedious tho it is) Of course they needed to replace me and that happened last week so i am moving on. Perhaps a mistake to tell them i would not be staying but I apparently find it hard to lie. I know another lady joined the same company in another department only lasted 2 days and did not come back - perhaps i should have done that? I would be interested to see what anyone else thinks. 

So it back to job searching and the trauma of talking yourself up. I find that really hard but it has to be done unfortunatley.  I did have a 2nd interview with a really nice company for which i had to do a presentation for - it was between 2 of us and i was the dissapointed one last week. Hey Ho - onwards and upwards..................... Hopefully I will get to WOWWW this week , or maybe next week.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011


I thought i would do my woyww before i went to work ....... Yes I did go back to my new job. I know ....but a couple of reason 1. the mortgage and general bills.  2. i really need the comfort of having a job, not a good trait in my personality but i have decided that for the time being i dont feel comfortable not working. I do however have an interview tomorrow for a new job so finger crossed.

I have been working on flowers this week in my spare time so here are a couple on my work desk this week. Please go to the stamping grounds blog to see what i am talking about. Hope everyone out there is crafting well and all mojos areintact this week.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Hello again my fellow Wednesday work desk peoples......... My entry is late as I have got a new job and today has been my 1st day so everything had to wait until I got home. The less said about the job the better at the moment I will tell you more if I go back tomorrow............................................

I have been playing with some flowers and I love these ones that i ran thru my Wizard . The stamp, and papersdie cuts  I got from Piggin Crafts in Ossett ,I coloured the stamp with my fab promarkers
and I am looking forward to putting all of these together onto a card for my bessie friend.  All craft and blog may be taking a bit of a back seat for a time while I get to grips with a new job or two........
see you all soon.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

80th Birthday Party

We have just got back from an 80th Birthday party.......we know how to party in our family.....
I forgot to take a picture of the card I made for Uncle Kenneth. It was all nautical as he used to be a Captain in the Merchant Navy. I used an old nautical map and stained it with some Tim Holz inks.
Stamped some ships and mounted them on torn coredinations paper (also stained ) Then I made an 80 from Shrink plastic and coloured it to match the stain used on the rest of the card. It didnt look bad if I do say so myself.  Just mad at myself for not taking a photo of it.

Got an interview tomorrow morning so fingers crossed. Interview suit at the ready and route planned. Just going to do some homework on the prospective employer.

Happy crafting

Wednesday, 29 June 2011


Hello - Wednesday again and time to get nosy looking at everones desks. Not sure what I am on about hop over to stamping ground blog and see what it all about.

My pictures are of the right hand side of my desk today. This contains all of my papers (12 x 12, 8 x 8, 6 x 6 and A4), blank cards ready for making up and all of mybit of papers that I cant bear to throw out. I have so many as I used to get some from work - when i worked for Readicut.  I also have a photo of my side desk that I use to cut. The brushes are from INKYLICIOUS a fab shopand online shop in Batley that sells all things stamping. Deby that owns it has been on Create and Craft with her brushes and I think they are fab.It is my local shop so I do pop in often.

Signing on day today and I am meeting a friend for a coffee at the Mill Village, Batley straight after so that I dont feel quite so depressed about having to claim. I know I have worked all of my life and to claim my Pay in lieu of notice after being made redundant I have to claim job seekers but why do I feel the lowest of the low.......and for a depressing £67 a week...... I really dont know how people survive on this longterm.  Bring on a job soon please........

Monday, 27 June 2011

Oxford was lovely......

Oxford was lovely and here a a couple of photos to prove it.

There were a lot of bikes.

One of the colleges not sure which as we got lost but how priveleged are the students that go anywhere in Oxford , studying in these beautiful surroundings.

Messing about on the river...........

And a nice cold glass of something when we got back to the hotel/pub. It was really hot...........................

Back to reality today and job hunting via the internet was the orderof the day. I also need to make some cards this evening , hopefully some pictures tomorrow.

Friday, 24 June 2011

wedding anniversary

Hello all from Oxford today. Its my wedding anniversary on Saturday and we always like to go away to celebrate. So for we have done Cardiff, Shrewsbury, Stirling, Cardiff again, Manchester and now Oxford. ( yes i have only been married 6 years)
 Red Kite flying off
This was a Diet coke - Honest
The Windmill that was on ChittyChitty Bang Bang.........

Seen some Red Kites ( lots of them and one dragging off a rat or something with a long tail ..eeugh) We stopped off at Bicester Designer Outlet ( lots of Prada, and Gucci and Jimmy Choos........) they dont do my size so I was not tempted.....apart from the shoes.......Also stopped off at Turville where they filmed Chitty Chitty Ban  Bang and some of the Midsomer Murders stuff. Lovely village and some photos below. Getting ready for a nice meal now..................

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

whats on your workdesk Wednesday.................

Its Wednesday again............. My desk is a mess as I am desperatly making cards for the shop where I sell them at and trying to make some samples for a new shop. Not sure if the new shop will take my cards as they have quite a set format and the style of my cards is much more random as I discover new techniques, new papers and new stamps. You can but try.......
I have included a picture of my inspiration board and the racking to the left of my desk today I am saving the racking to the right for next week. if you have no idea what WOYWW is all about. Its good fun and you get to be really nosy looking around other peoples desks. Must go cards to make..............


Sunday, 19 June 2011

sewing machine...

I have got a new battery in the camera so Viola some of my sewing machine makes..... Hopefully they look good . I cant wait to get some clothes made. I probabally wont model them for you..........  I have also tried some knitted flowers. Got a pink rose done just need the leaves now.  Happy crafting in all its forms, what would I be without it ?