Saturday, 30 July 2011

I have been missing in action.................

I have been missing in action....... I kept going to the horrible job and have been there a month now but i leave next Friday so its all go now to get another job asap.  The job was just not for me but it must be in my personality make up that i can't be beaten so i kept going. I did however tell them that i was looking for another job as i needed time off for interviews. i thought it was a fair thing to do so that they did not rely on me being there forever.  They had a few problems with staff (1 left and one passed away suddenly) and needed bums on seats to complete the work ( tedious tho it is) Of course they needed to replace me and that happened last week so i am moving on. Perhaps a mistake to tell them i would not be staying but I apparently find it hard to lie. I know another lady joined the same company in another department only lasted 2 days and did not come back - perhaps i should have done that? I would be interested to see what anyone else thinks. 

So it back to job searching and the trauma of talking yourself up. I find that really hard but it has to be done unfortunatley.  I did have a 2nd interview with a really nice company for which i had to do a presentation for - it was between 2 of us and i was the dissapointed one last week. Hey Ho - onwards and upwards..................... Hopefully I will get to WOWWW this week , or maybe next week.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011


I thought i would do my woyww before i went to work ....... Yes I did go back to my new job. I know ....but a couple of reason 1. the mortgage and general bills.  2. i really need the comfort of having a job, not a good trait in my personality but i have decided that for the time being i dont feel comfortable not working. I do however have an interview tomorrow for a new job so finger crossed.

I have been working on flowers this week in my spare time so here are a couple on my work desk this week. Please go to the stamping grounds blog to see what i am talking about. Hope everyone out there is crafting well and all mojos areintact this week.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Hello again my fellow Wednesday work desk peoples......... My entry is late as I have got a new job and today has been my 1st day so everything had to wait until I got home. The less said about the job the better at the moment I will tell you more if I go back tomorrow............................................

I have been playing with some flowers and I love these ones that i ran thru my Wizard . The stamp, and papersdie cuts  I got from Piggin Crafts in Ossett ,I coloured the stamp with my fab promarkers
and I am looking forward to putting all of these together onto a card for my bessie friend.  All craft and blog may be taking a bit of a back seat for a time while I get to grips with a new job or two........
see you all soon.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

80th Birthday Party

We have just got back from an 80th Birthday party.......we know how to party in our family.....
I forgot to take a picture of the card I made for Uncle Kenneth. It was all nautical as he used to be a Captain in the Merchant Navy. I used an old nautical map and stained it with some Tim Holz inks.
Stamped some ships and mounted them on torn coredinations paper (also stained ) Then I made an 80 from Shrink plastic and coloured it to match the stain used on the rest of the card. It didnt look bad if I do say so myself.  Just mad at myself for not taking a photo of it.

Got an interview tomorrow morning so fingers crossed. Interview suit at the ready and route planned. Just going to do some homework on the prospective employer.

Happy crafting