Tuesday, 27 September 2011

WOYWW - 28/9/2011

Hi everyone - Just a quick post for WOYWW - check out Stamping Grounds blog to see what i am talking about. A chance to snoop on everyones workdesks. Its amazing how quickly Wednesdays come around and you realise what you havent done that week...................
I am back of my holidays a into my 2nd week at work. I am thouroughky enjoying it. I actually got to go into the studio where all of the designs for cards for The Card Factory get designed. I was like a pig in clover. There are some seriously talented card designers in there.... and they get paid for it as well. All too soon i had to go back to the purchasing office but one excellent part of my job is to despatch samples to various places so i get to snoop at some the new designs occasionally......again pig in clover.....grunt grunt  grunt.
Here are a few cards i have been making myself to my own style. Hope u like. now its to snooping......happy crafting xxx

Monday, 19 September 2011

First day - new job

I have had a lovely first day in my new job and i am hopeful that i chose the right job. i am at least going back tomorrow for a 2nd go at it. Less hours than i was on and same money ( just less holidays but i can cope with that) so its all good.  Going to look for a new car ( dont say it too loud in car my X reg Ford Fiesta hears me)  My faithful friend is showing signs of rust and is coming up to MOT time so really needs to be put out to grass. Its such a shame really as she only had 68,000 on the clock and gets thru MOTs usually with no problems ....except last year she needed some welding. I think now is a good time to shhhhhhh replace the old girl......while i still have some redundancy money left over and it gets frittered away on holidays. New Job - New Car....... owhhhh what next.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

On Holiday

Not really a workdesk for workdesk wednesday but its as close as crafting gets this week. Having a weeks break this week down at my sister-in-laws cottage in Dorset. We try to get here a couple of times a year if we can and we are allowed. The scenery is fantastic and we have just purchased a new camera so are having a field day with it.  I did pack some crafty items to do while i was away but they are not that great looking as yet as i did not bring a full array of making stuff. I work very "organically" and very rarely plan a card so I really need everything around me while i am creating.

There is also good news on the work front that i would like to share with anyone who is interested.  Yehhhh i start my new job on Monday 19th with Card Factory at there head office in Wakefield. I cannot wait . I actually was offered 2 jobs and I wanted both of them so had to choose. It was really difficult and i never thought i would ever be in that sort of a position.  I choose Card Factory because of the "card" connection and the crafty connection. I obviously will not be designing cards or even making them but i will be in Purchasing and will get to see how such a card company works. They do all there own designs in house and you never know...........
looking forward to seing everyones workdesks and hope they are busier than mine. Check out Stamping Grounds blog to find out what i am talking about.  HAPPY CRAFTING. Sharne XXX