Sunday, 5 June 2011

Lazy Sunday

Its been a lazy Sunday afternoon, morning and evening.
Had a look around a new house this morning as it had an open day.
We love the house we are in but I feel the need to move nearer my parents. They are aged 78 and 80 and are getting to the stage where I think I should be a little closer to them to keep a better eye on them. We narrowly missed out on a house to buy just down the road from them and it would have been perfect but we were not in as good a position as the people who bought it. We do now have our house up for sale and we will see what happens but no takers yet. We have only had the board up and been on websites since Wednesday so early days....

Did a bit of crafting this evening  but cutting the grass and generally weeding the garden came 1st today.

Got to fast from 9.00pm tonight as got some blood test in the morning better go and get a nice coffee and maybe a toasted T cake........yummy.


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