Monday, 19 September 2011

First day - new job

I have had a lovely first day in my new job and i am hopeful that i chose the right job. i am at least going back tomorrow for a 2nd go at it. Less hours than i was on and same money ( just less holidays but i can cope with that) so its all good.  Going to look for a new car ( dont say it too loud in car my X reg Ford Fiesta hears me)  My faithful friend is showing signs of rust and is coming up to MOT time so really needs to be put out to grass. Its such a shame really as she only had 68,000 on the clock and gets thru MOTs usually with no problems ....except last year she needed some welding. I think now is a good time to shhhhhhh replace the old girl......while i still have some redundancy money left over and it gets frittered away on holidays. New Job - New Car....... owhhhh what next.

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