Saturday, 30 July 2011

I have been missing in action.................

I have been missing in action....... I kept going to the horrible job and have been there a month now but i leave next Friday so its all go now to get another job asap.  The job was just not for me but it must be in my personality make up that i can't be beaten so i kept going. I did however tell them that i was looking for another job as i needed time off for interviews. i thought it was a fair thing to do so that they did not rely on me being there forever.  They had a few problems with staff (1 left and one passed away suddenly) and needed bums on seats to complete the work ( tedious tho it is) Of course they needed to replace me and that happened last week so i am moving on. Perhaps a mistake to tell them i would not be staying but I apparently find it hard to lie. I know another lady joined the same company in another department only lasted 2 days and did not come back - perhaps i should have done that? I would be interested to see what anyone else thinks. 

So it back to job searching and the trauma of talking yourself up. I find that really hard but it has to be done unfortunatley.  I did have a 2nd interview with a really nice company for which i had to do a presentation for - it was between 2 of us and i was the dissapointed one last week. Hey Ho - onwards and upwards..................... Hopefully I will get to WOWWW this week , or maybe next week.

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