Sunday, 22 January 2012

Some more creations....

here are a couple of cards made in my craftroom this weekend. I was up at 2am this morning as i could not sleep for some reason and i finished them off.  2 are for birthdays at work. I work for a large card company so handmade cards are just not a novelty........we are surrounded by thousands of cards everyday so we will see how they go down as its the 1st birthdays since i started there in September. I did do Xmas cards but there were so many of them in the office I dont think mine made any impact.
We went to the cinema yesterday afternoon to see War Horse. It was OK but dont go and see it if you love horses as there are some upsetting bits during the WW1 scenes. There was 1 bit where i just could not watch and I am not particularly an animal lover - All in all a good Xmas day/Sunday afternoon film but in my opinion not the best I have ever seen - 6 out of 10 is my score.
Happy Crafting XX Sharne

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