Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Had a lovely 1st day of 2014 - doing absolutley nothing. 
My new years resolution is to educate our local taxi drivers - they need to know when they are making mistakes and I feel as they make so many mistakes in front of me that i need to point our the error of their ways.  Its an education for them and they should be pleased - shouldnt they ? I wonder how long it will last before i get my lights punched out........

Went for a walk around Oakwell Hall this morning and then popped into Starbucks for a gingerbread Latte, and purchased an skillet from Home Sense at Birstall, Leeds. Love having a weekday off work sooooo decadent.
                                                                Hubby posing

                                                 Some trees on a wet drizzly day

                                             A block of feathery flats

                                            Silver Birch - My fav tree at the moment.

                                    lovley bench up at the viewing point - wood and stone ooooooo

                                           A moss covered branch

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